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Acid wash makes a big difference with your pool finish if it has been stained or been sitting green for a while.

Tile cleaning brings back the original luster of your tile and gets rid of years of scale and calcium buildup.

Algae is not pretty. We eradicate most types of algae growth that has been keeping your pool from having the inviting look you desire.

The filtration system is the single most important part of the pool system, if your filter is not doing its job, it may need repair or replacement.

We do all types of pump repair and replacement, together with your filtration system, the pump is what keeps the pool looking good.

Nothing makes a pool more inviting than proper lighting; we bring your lighting back to the condition as it was intended to be to make that evening swims more enjoyable and safe for young swimmers.

If your pool is dirty a day or two after a cleaning, you may want to consider a suction-side or pressure-side cleaner, this will help keep your pool cleaner longer.

Try Automation! Tired of having to go to the equipment every time you want to change a setting or turn a light on or off?  Do you want to be able to read the water and air temperatures from a hand-held remote?  We have the automation upgrades that will put it all in the palm of your hand.

Have a Leak? If you are adding more than 1.5 inches of water per week to your pool, you probably have a leak.  We take care of all leaks, underground or within the plumbing.  Even a small leak is costly; you are not only losing water but also the chemicals in the water.

Pool Inspections Performed. If you are considering buying a house with a pool, make sure you get a complete inspection done on the pool as you would the house.  Pool repairs can be costly and should be the responsibility of the previous owner.

Pool School 101. For new pool owners, we come to your location to provide a pool-school to make sure you’re up to speed on the basic workings of your specific pool.

Need Pool Renovations?
We can do it!

  • New Plaster or Repair
  • New Tile or Repair
  • New Coping/Flagstone or Repair
  • Underground Leak Detection & Repair

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